Yelp (ads launch - one time)

If you need a specialist who will monitor the quality of your advertising campaign and optimize your budget to achieve maximum efficiency for every dollar spent, contact the MSB Digital Advertising Manager.

Our specialist will help you manage your advertising campaign, including:

  • Monitoring and analysis of the advertising campaign: Our manager will closely monitor your advertisements, analyze key metrics, and evaluate their effectiveness. We utilize specialized tools and analytics to obtain objective data.
  • Budget optimization: We will work with your budget to maximize the results of your advertising campaign. Our goal is to optimize budget allocation and focus on the most promising and effective advertising channels.
  • Adjustment of advertising strategy: Based on data and analysis, our manager will make adjustments to your advertising strategy. We will test various ad variations, targeting options, and channels to find the optimal combination for achieving your goals.
  • Weekly reports: You will receive regular reports on advertising performance every week. The reports will present key metrics, test results, and suggestions for campaign optimization.


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